Making The Journey Digital


The Challenge

To date, our industry has been slow to embrace the concept of an end to end “on-line car purchase” choosing instead, to conduct face to face sales; it is likely that in the current climate this will become increasingly difficult and if so, then our industry needs to consider other ways of allowing customers to buy their cars.

The Solution

With the current challenges in mind, now may well be the time for our industry to consider not just changing the way we operate in the short term but to actually embrace it and begin re-shaping how we operate in the future?


The Opportunity

We believe that people still want to buy and change their cars; for many, it will continue to be an essential purchase, and there are others who are currently in cyclic PCP or hire agreements that are due to end. As such, we should work together to find ways of continuing to make cars available to people.

We would like to work with our dealer partners across the country to help digitalise their on line sales processes. AUF are able to offer a full “end to end on-line sales journey” for customers wishing to buy cars on line and without any face to face contact. And whilst we realise that this is very much the reality at the moment, we don’t believe that it should be limited to being a short term solution to the current problem; making the change now could well re-shape the way we all do business in years to come but we need to embrace the concept sooner, if our industry is to avoid a sharp decline.

With AUF, the customer can apply and buy online within 60 minutes* the entire process is designed in conjunction with our affiliate partners, to make buying our dealers’ cars as easy and trouble free as possible for customers.

Concierge Support
AUF is fortunately positioned, in that our teams work via a totally remote access platform which is fully complaint in accordance to FCA and GDPR protocols which has allowed our people to continue to deliver the excellent service that our dealer partners have come to expect of us over the past 25 years and will continue to do so, uninterrupted, throughout this ongoing situation.

We want to help our dealer partners make selling cars to people more accessible during the weeks ahead, so if you’d like to try AUF’s apply and buy online 60 minute service* for free or want to find out how working with AUF can assist your business, please get in touch below.

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